2011 - Machine works

An experiment where i tried to remove myself completely from the end result of a working process.

2011 - Integration through Google Translate

Wikipedia's definition of Integration.
Copied from danish, through all the languages in Google Translate.

2011 - Conductors

Dr. Paul Ekman is talking about our hand movement behaviors.
I made a picture capturing his hand gestures while talking.

2010 - Relations

An interactive sound installation with 30 glass jars, each with a vibrating motor, hanging from the ceiling.
Viewed from a distance, the installation makes no sound.
Within a radius of 2-3 meters, the viewer activates 1 out of 4 motion sensors, which sends 3 volt power to the nearby 6 or 9 motors. (see the diagram for explanation.)
The motors strikes against the glass jars and makes a sound for about 10 seconds.
A new motion from the viewer is needed to reactivate them.
At the minimum of 4 viewers, and by placing themselves strategically around the installation, it is possible to activate all the motors, and the volume will reach its peak.

2010 - Overlap Occurs

An installation with rats performing a ritual.

2009 - Compressed Expansion

A paradox solved with mirrors inside of a box,with the help from 100 green lightbulbs.
The box, hanging from the ceiling, is made of white transparent plastic, reflecting the inside light which gives it a different appearance at different light settings.
By looking through the hole in the box, you can see the inside expansion - an endless optical illusion.
The inside view stays constant at all surrounding light settings.


Selected Works


Selected Works